Reduce Trade Roadblocks to Improve Food Security

Conventional wisdom usually does not link trade to programs and policies that address poverty. We need to unpack this conventional wisdom and explore how improving key aspects of trade link to development, using as an example how US-Africa trade policies can unlock Africa’s economic potential in agriculture. More Africans are employed in agriculture than in […]

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Agreements & Legislation

Congress has granted trade ‘negotiating authority’ 18 times since 1934.

THE NUMBERS: Supporters of 2002 ‘Trade Promotion Authority’ law still in office – 53 of 215 House Members 19 of 64 Senators WHAT THEY MEAN: Pondering the end-game of the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks, and the early stages of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the Obama administration has asked Congress for guidance, in the form […]

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