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78 percent of U.S. imports from developing countries are duty-free.

THE NUMBERS: U.S. merchandise imports from developing countries, 2014* – TOTAL $1,130 billion Permanently Duty-Free $550 billion Duty-Free Via FTAs & Preferences $245 billion Tariffed $335 billion * Estimate based on the 11 months of data now available. WHAT THEY MEAN: Anticipating Congressional debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Sen. Bernie Sanders (an independent Socialist from […]

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Agreements & Legislation

Congress has granted trade ‘negotiating authority’ 18 times since 1934.

THE NUMBERS: Supporters of 2002 ‘Trade Promotion Authority’ law still in office – 53 of 215 House Members 19 of 64 Senators WHAT THEY MEAN: Pondering the end-game of the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks, and the early stages of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the Obama administration has asked Congress for guidance, in the form […]

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