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The U.S. embargo on Cuba has been in place for half of Cuba’s independent history.

THE NUMBERS: American goods imports in 1955, from world and top 9 sources– WORLD $11,384 million Canada $2,655 million Brazil $632 million U.K. $616 million Venezuela $576 million Colombia $442 million Japan $432 million Cuba $422 million Mexico $397 million Germany $366 million WHAT THEY MEAN: Launched with the Eisenhower administration’s cancellation of Cuban sugar […]

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At Home

Navajo farm exports: $2-$3 million per year.

Two goals, never easy to achieve at once: to sustain cultural continuity on national lands, and to provide a high standard of living on reservations far from cities and markets. Creative use of the Internet is a new option, with the potential to bring markets closer to reservations, raise living standards through exports, and simultaneously strengthen the prestige and appeal of traditional culture.. A case study drawing on Navajo experience in agriculture and traditional crafts.

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