Grow Markets, Fight Hunger: A Food Security Framework for U.S.-Africa Trade Relations

A new framework for US-Africa trade relations focused on agriculture and food can advance African food security while positioning US businesses to benefit from Africa’s growing food market, which is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030. Efforts by the United States focused on bolstering regional trade and harmonizing food standards and regulations across countries […]

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Technology & Innovation

Sub-Saharan Africa had 4 million Internet users in 2000; now it has 172 million.

Africa is the world’s fastest-growing adopter of Internet and mobile technology. With some attention to 21st-century issues, the second African Growth and Opportunity Act might be able to use it to help a very wide range of smaller businesses, farm groups, and community institutions develop direct U.S.-African trade ties beyond the reach of the first version.

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Agreements & Legislation

African real GDP has doubled since 2000.

AGOA’s role in Africa’s boom shouldn’t be exaggerated, but it has made an important contribution. Its successes, though, aren’t really the light-industry and clothing exports its designers expected in 1999 and 2000. America’s fastest-growing imports from Africa by dollar value have been in energy, driven by high global demand rather than tariff policies or economic reforms. The next version should focus on trade facilitation and capacity-building.

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